Print Sizing Guide



My limited edition prints are offered in four different sizes: S, M, L and XL.

The print sizes have been specifically chosen to fit common and readily available frame sizes worldwide, allowing YOU to buy a frame direct from your well-known furniture or design store.

Custom framing is highly recommended for the extra large prints. There is no printed border so the frame must fit perfectly and special care is required to bring the print to life.

SMALL (limited Edition of 50 Prints)

Perfect for your desk, office space, shelves, countertop or even your bathroom.
Image size (for mat cutout): 12" x 8" (approx. 30cm x 20cm)
Total print size (including 0.2" / 0.5cm border): 12.4" x 8.4" (approx. 31cm x 21cm)



MEDIUM (limited Edition of 25 Prints)

A great size to place collections of 2 or 3 pictures in a hallway, living room or bedroom.
Image size (for mat cutout): 24" x 16" (approx. 60cm x 40cm)
Total print size (including 0.3" margin): 24.6" x 16.6" (approx. 61.6 x 41.6cm)
Recommendation for mat frames: Choose a frame with a mat opening of 24" x 16" (60x40cm).


LARGE (limited Edition of 10 Prints)

This print will become a distinctive feature in your bedroom, office or practice, dining room, or above a fireplace!
Image size (for mat cutout): 36" x 24" (approx. 90cm x 60cm)
Total print size (including 0.5" margin): 37" x 25" (94cm x 63.5cm)
Recommendation for mat frames: Choose a frame with a mat opening of 24" x 16" (90x60cm).


EXTRA LARGE (limited Edition of 5 Prints)

This massive and incredibly high quality print will become the focal point and talking point of your space, making a statement in any home or office.
This print size is best for large open spaces with a lot of negative space on a wall.
Image size (for mat cutout): 60" x 40" (150cm x 100cm)
Total print size (without border): 60" x 40"
Frame: Choose a larger frame with a 60" x 40" mat opening, or use a 60" x 40" frame that allows the print to be placed borderless (without mats). Custom frames are a good choice for artwork of this size.

Please note that frames cannot be ordered through Matthias Conrad FineArt Photography. The prints are sent either in special shipping sleeves or in unbreakable packaging.