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Chestnut Triptych
Chestnut Triptych
Chestnut Triptych
Chestnut Triptych
Chestnut Triptych
Chestnut Triptych
Chestnut Triptych
Chestnut Triptych
Chestnut Triptych
Chestnut Triptych
Chestnut Triptych
Chestnut Triptych
Chestnut Triptych
Chestnut Triptych

Chestnut Triptych


Title: Chestnut Triptych
(September 2018)

This fascinating triptych consists of three photographs from my long-term project "Botanical Studies Squares" with the titles "Botanical Study #39" (on the left side), "Botanical Study #38" (in the middle, and previously unpublished), and "Botanical Study #37" (on the right side), capturing the warm, inviting essence of autumn in a minimalist black and white style.

The concept of "Botanical Studies" took root over a decade ago, drawing inspiration from the timeless nature illustrations of Ernst Haeckel. Since 2017, I have been photographing botanical objects in this very minimalist black and white style. This approach was profoundly influenced by the intricate sketches in Ernst Haeckel's "Art Forms in Nature" (1899-1904) and the impressive photographs of Karl Blossfeldt from the 1920s and 1930s.

I am offering this triptych in a limited edition of 10. It is a unique offering because the image in the middle, "Botanical Study #38," has never been published before and is exclusively available within the context of the triptych. Each individual image in the triptych is produced as a metallic UltraHD print under acrylic glass, ensuring that the finest details and contrasts are brilliantly displayed. Each print measures 60 x 60 cm (outer dimensions: 64.4 x 64.4 cm), making them an impressive series for any space. The frames are floating frames made of black oak wood with a 1.5 cm thick profile, adding modern elegance and sophistication to the artwork.

Print sizes:
60 x 60 cm (outer dimensions: 64.4 x 64.4 cm) or approximately 23.6 x 23.6 inches (outer dimensions: approximately 25.4 x 25.4 inches)

When you prefer different frame colors (natural oak, white oak), please send me an email:

Edition of 10 includes:
An authenticity certificate with hologram, signature, and edition number.

Worldwide shipping is free and typically takes 14-20 business days, depending on your location. Please refer to the FAQ page for further information.

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The Botanical Studies Squares.

Enjoy the little things! My main goal is to show little details and shapes you're not perceiving your everyday life.

The initial idea for my "Botanical Studies" project started almost 10 years ago inspired by the nature drawings of Ernst Haeckel from his book "Kunstformen der Natur". I would even say, my earliest contact and admiration with minimalistic black and white drawings of local flora and fauna dates back to my school days in the mid 80s.
For more than 6 years I'm actually photographing botanical objects in this very minimalistic black and white style. I had something with a clear background in mind with the object almost mimicking a pencil sketching.

About this print edition

- Available in 30x30cm (Edition of 50) and 60x60cm (Edition of 25)
- Presented on acid-free, archival cotton Hahnemühle PhotoRag Giclée paper
- Guaranteed archival life of 100+ years
- Carbon neutral, sustainable production, packaging and shipping
- Global delivery with tracked & insured shipping

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Nature and landscapes have always played an important role in my life. I was born in the mid-1970s in a small town in Thuringia, on the edge of the Hainich National Park, in the middle of Germany, where I grew up very close to nature. Trips and vacations with my parents and grandparents often led to nature. I discovered photography very early on in my childhood when I was playing around with my parents' and grandparents' analog EXA and Praktika cameras, which were made in the GDR.

What started as a small hobby has developed over the years into my profession and my passion. My love of traveling also arose during my business studies. My fascination for landscape photography began with various stays abroad in Canada, Mexico, and the USA and their diverse landscapes.In the meantime, this type of photography also plays a decisive role in my professional life. In addition to workshops and photo trips, I often travel to Switzerland, Austria, and southern Germany to produce work for commercial projects.

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